Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 7, 2010

Perhaps, you’ve never known some one like me #2

A couple of days ago, [Person #101] looks at me and says, I don’t see any indication that you have Narcolepsy, I’d have to get a doctor’s statement to believe it.
Sandy Ej [says or thinks]:
Well, you just haven’t walked in my shoes. When I fall down, you see a clumsy person.
When my laundry is not finished, you see a lazy person.
When I fall asleep, you see a person who hasn’t slept for
48 hours. When I avoid a topic, you see me as ‘wimpy’.
When I seek out the company of those that *love* me
like a sister, you see a person who avoids tough situations.
When I cry, you see a person who is weak. When I simply walk away from a situation, you see some one who has ‘no backbone’. This is far from the truth, my friend. I am coordinated. I once could waterski. I am industrious. I once was a teacher. I am lively. I once was able to saddle a horse and ‘peel out’ faster than you could say, «Wait a minute…» I am alert. I just can’t stay awake. I am strong-willed and courageous. You just haven’t known me ‘forever’. I am gutsy. You have just never seen me on the end of the high diving board, have you? I can climb mountains and swim like a fish. You have just never learned how to ‘be with me’. I am a woman of great strength.
You have never seen me when I’ve reached the ‘top of the summit’. I can’t ever say that I’ll ever be the person that I was. However, I’ll always be some one that you can love.
My heart is still warm, albeit hardened. I will always love you. I just don’t know if I can accept the way that you see
*me* from the outside. From the inside-out, I am perfect
as long as you know…. *WHO I USED TO BE*
Sandy Ej


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