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U R D Y N Shh! E Cries

U  R  D  Y  N Shh! E Cries

U  R  D  Y  N  Shh!E  Cries (sign)

U  R  D  Tears (sign)  N  R  I(‘s)

U  R  (th)Oz  N  D   Night (sign)

U  R  (th)Oz  N  D   Day    (sign)

U’L    N F R   Know (sign)  How (sign)   OFF/ON  Shh!E  Prays (sign)


* * *         * * *

R  Heart (sign)   Beats (sign)  4   U

R  Soul    (sign)  Rocks  (sign)   N  Sways  (sign)

U  R  D  Light (sign)  At (sign)  D  N  F  D  Day (sign)


***                                  ***

U  R  X  L  N(t)

N  F  R  E  Way (sign)

U  R  N  My (sign)  Heart  (sign)

N   I   Will (sign)  Not (sign)  Stray (sign)


***                                 ***

U R  2  Q(t)  4  Words (sign)

I  M  E  Z  2  Please (sign)

Friends (sign)  N  V  UR  Looks (sign)

I  M  Down (arrow)   N   My (sign)  Knees (sign)


***                                  ***         (softly singing to this melody……)

N  I  B  Leaf (sign)  N  U                                           A  D  C  A  B   A …..

N  UL  Big (sign)  N  2  C                                          A  D  C  A  B   A …..

[That]  UR   B-U-T   Full (sign)  2  Me (sign)    A  D  C  A  B   A …..

So (sign)       B-U-T  Full (sign)  2  Me (sign)      A  D  C  A  B   A …..


COME  HOME  BABY  COME   HOME     (sign)

***                                   ***

N  Y  Can’t (sign)  U   Just (sign)  Stay (sign)          A  D  C  A  B   A …..

N  Y   Can’t (sign)  U  Just (sign)   C                            A  D  C  A  B   A …..

F     UR    I.Q.     S      202                                                   A  D  C  A  B   A …..

Ten (sign)  U L  Know (sign)  That (sign)                   A  D  C  A  B   A …..

One (sign)  plus (sign)  One (sign)  Equals    I   Love (sign)  U  (Shout!)

Original Song by:                                                                  A  D  C  A  B   A …..

Sandy S Zoo

Sandy Ej on Facebook

The tune for the song is on

The title of the song is ‘You Are’ as sung by Sandy S Zoo.


I was having a ‘Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Day’ a few years ago

and my mother, who worked nights, would stop by in the morning

after working the night shift

and deliver cappuccino and a roll and then, she would

sing the song, «Y-M-C-A» to me and tell me to «S-M-I-L-E».

I’m glad that I chose to dance.  And, you should see me smile.

(She just sang the chorus, folks.)  I love my MOM!   Muah!


  1. I have been teaching my FIVE year old son how to read. When K & M were little, I posted signs all over the house with words defining each and every object in the house except for toilet paper.
    Anna and Sara are avid readers. Per just started writing after his FIFTH birthday. We have been working on beginning sounds this month. After thirty minutes of going through all the sounds of the alphabet, Per decided that he was going to be the teacher. For every request that he had, and for every object he described, he only used the first letter of the word. «Where are the D’s?»
    That would be dogs. «Where is the P?» That would be paper. «I am going to eat some C’s.»
    That would be cereal. BTW, our family is also learning sign language. Even though there are bumps in the road, we are learning and having a good time. Sandy S Zoo

  2. Read the song/poem.

    If you say the ‘letter’, you’ve nearly said the

    Y = why

    F R V = every

    Note: Think outside of the box. 🙂

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