Planet Sark: The Best Inspiration for Creativity

This site is the very best inspiration for creativity.

SARK also has the special ability to make you laugh.

SARK also is able to translate the gift of creativity into common words.

SARK makes the absurdity of creativity seem normal.

SARK has a sense of imagination that is heavenly.

I bought her poster: How to Be An Artist. It always inspires me.

May I also recommend, Letters to A Young Poet by Ranier Marie Rilke

The original is written in the German language.

Some of my favorite quotes are:

If you want to be a poet, and want to know if it is the right path for you,

consider this: If it is a profession that you desire, is it something that you

can not live without? If it is, then do it.

What is love?

Two halves make a whole, but, ah, two wholes; that is love.

I discovered Ranier Marie Rilke while reading books by Henry David Thoreau

like Walden. After reading Walden, I was encouraged to read

books by May Sarton, who also ‘goes into the woods

to lead a solitary life’. There is a whole website

of May Sarton’s work. I’d suggest googling ‘May Sarton biography’. Also

try ‘May Sarton autobiography’.

Then, when you are done reading books by May Sarton, start reading

‘Gifts by the Sea’ by Anne Morrow Lindberg. And, if that doesn’t

satisfy your literary appetite, read books by Andrew Greeley.

Andrew Greeley is my very favorite novelist. When I lacked interest in

‘Romance Novels’, I turned to Andrew Greeley who spins greats

novels with a hint about his faith. He is a priest, a sociologist

and an editorial writer for the Chicago Times. He writes very

clearly about interesting things and then adds a little bit of

dynamite to his writings. He is not afraid of anything.


An up and coming author and speaker that I recommend is:

Pastor James David Manning of

Pastor James David Manning actually left me dumbfounded

when he aimed sharp arrows at Barack Obama and other

charismatic leaders. Listen closely and read carefully;

he gets your attention with some quite outlandish and

unbecoming statements and then- tells a story of

faith and a spiritual journey that is worth listening to.

Know that behind the sassy, repulsive language is

a person who leads a large educational facility,

feeds thousands of homeless citizens in a soup kitchen,

and inspires young black leaders to aspire to new heights.

I truly like the guy, and his wife, Elder Elizabeth

Sarah Manning, is most adorable. Enjoy!

Sandy S. Zoo


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