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In The Middle of the Night by Sandy S Zoo *2010* ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 7-11-10

A Poem and An Answer by:   Sandy Ej *2010*

*In the Middle of the Night*   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Life is very, very quiet at the moment

It is the middle of the night

It is peaceful, and I am waiting

For the morning light


I pray for peace

Tomorrow’s a new day

Yesterday is gone

Keeps moving, can not stay


What tomorrow brings we do not

We do not know

But, no matter how good is the moment,

From each moment, we must go


We carry on

To the future and to see

Will tomorrow be sunshine

Or cloudy will it be?


Sometimes, it is clouds

So beautiful, profound

So dark and untouchable

With beauty all around


For it highlights the fact

That wherever we wait

We might live in the moment

We must accept our fate


After the clouds, come sunshine

After the darkness, light

We learn to live, we learn to love

In the darkness of the night


Every cloud a silver lining

Every storm a rainbow, too

Every tear brings renewal

Every broken heart goes through


Tomorrow be sunshine

Tomorrow be bright

Yesterday be gone

When darkness turns to light


When Darkness Turns to Light:

A Poem and An Answer

*By Sandy Ej *2010*


*Sandy Ej *2010*

*Sandy and Co*

*Sandy S Zoo Studios*


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