Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | juni 1, 2010

My Waterfall…

This is My Waterfall

I started building a waterfall

The day after  I was born

My parents added rocks and twigs

And a few leaves, albeit torn

As years went on-

They added more

To make it more beautiful

Than the years before

I played on the farm

And collected shells

I collected flowers

I admired the well                                        [a watersource]

And then, it was time

To meet some new friends

It was time to show off

The waterfall and then…

Something happened

The waterfall was dry

There were no drops

Of water as the years went by

And then, all of a sudden,

It happened overnight

The water, it trickled

And so began my plight

Your teeth, they are  funny

You look like this                                                       [beaver teeth]

The weird way you walk and

You smell like a fish

I had a grandmother

Who watched the waterfall flow

I had a dear friend

It was tough, she said so

I walked a little farther

I would walk down the road

I danced,  I jogged,  I cried

It helped lessen the load

And, I can honestly say

The teasing never stopped

If it wasn’t this, it wasn’t that

My happy bubble popped

My grandmother, she’d say

Just never say ‘hate’

You need not like the sinner

But, you can’t  say ‘hate’, just wait

Some day you’ll understand

My little chick-a-dee

Some time, you’ll know that

You’re as strong as can be

The waterfall it trickled

The waterfall it ran

The waterfall it rippled

It was according to plan

Oh, grandmother

I can see now

I see water in the ‘fall’

I can see it coming

Over the ridge and the wall

But, grandmother

It hurts, this gently

running river

And, grandmother

It stings, like a bee

bite can deliver

My little one,

You wanted water

And a waterfall, too

My little one,

You wanted beauty

This waterfall, it’s you

I never wanted the pain

I never wanted the tears

I never wanted the river

That brought injustice and fears

And, she said

In a quiet little voice

But, your parents gave

you a chance,

They gave you a choice

You could avoid the rain

But, you’d miss all o’ the joy

You could avoid the thunder

And miss  ‘missing that boy’

You could avoid the sunburn

And avoid the cockleburrs

You could avoid it and run

But, not escape your fears

The river, a waterfall flows

Over and around the trees

You have to go through it,

You will learn this, you’ll see

But, a waterfall was built

And the waterfall it flows

There’s nothing I can do

How to stop it, no one knows

I went down to the waterfall

I sang songs, I skipped rocks

I chased ponies and frogs

I ran through corn stalks

I began to understand

That my life was a gift

My parents didn’t wish for me

the pain or  lack of bliss

But in order to feel

In order to glow

In order to shine

In order to know

If the water fall

was meant to run over

If the water fall

was to highlight the clover

It had to run

You had to cry

That’s how it is

I don’t know why

I stopped and looked

What beauty I see

The rocks and the water

The sounds; they reflect me

I will let that waterfall be

I will let it run, too

I will not hold back

Because grandmother knew

In order to live,

In order to grow

Let the tears come

Let the wind blow

You can’t stop it

Or fight it

The water,  wind blowing

Just enjoy the beauty

of a waterfall flowing

*Sandy S Zoo* 2010* Copyright*


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