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A Crying Pond – 4 Lacey – Nearing Completion- April 2010

My Crying Pond – For Lacey

I was most actually sitting in my garden
And, the sun was shining and I was p*ssed.
I was sitting among the thorns and the weeds…..
And, my little black cat just h»ssed.

She climbed the tree and ‘meowed’ it out
Why don’t you just spit, jump and shout
Why can’t you ask for help, my friend
Why can’t you make the call «to end»

And, you sitting there all prim and proper
And, you smarty pants, gadget girl, Mr. Whopper
Sittin’ with your backs to the wall
With not a care in the world, not at all

You’re fillin’  my cryin’ pond when I’m gone
For all the times I cried for help
and you were far away
For all the times I whispered ‘WHY’
And you just couldn’t say (For Lacey)

For times that I felt just a little bit mad
For the times that I could have been so bad
I carry your tears in a bucket
forget about mine, they just don’t cut it. (for Lacey)

Fill the crying pond now, make it overflow
Fill it and splash around, and you’ll never know
How much fun it could be….
If you had answered my call, it’s me!

I was alive.
I was real.
You didn’t listen.
That was the deal.

(What she might have said….)

I need your help, with a gun to my head
I need your help, my kids are in bed
Come quickly, be fearless
Come quickly, you’ll see
It’s me, the bruises, the gun
and the [terrible] deeds

But, you didn’t «call» quickly,
You didn’t, we know
You waited and waited to call
It was slow

Why, to call the ER when the deed
had been done
Why, to let them cover the tears,
And, to let her soul bleed, the drops,
one by one

I’m mad at you, it happened again
You didn’t listen, to listen, to my friend
I heard her cries, and yet I couldn’t see
That the calls, each one, were for
her and for me

In your pretty dress and earrings
Wake up, now, OPEN YOUR EYES
In your pretty dress and earrings
In your pretty suit and ties

Wake up your nightmares
your ignorance, your clout
Wake up your integrity
Your courage, don’t doubt

I needed you.
You never came.
You’ll still have a chance
at fortune and fame

And, as for me, I’m sitting
by ‘her crying pond’ watching (For Lacey)
the tears flow by
I’m watching not a cloud or
a drop from the sky

The pond be filled by the
memories, of just one more
A beautiful life lost,
And to you, what’s one more.

You. You know who you are.
You don’t take it seriously,
And, why, can’t you start.
It’s your lack of awareness,
No kindness, that’s breakin’ my heart

The one life lost could have
been, a child or a friend,
When will you start crying
When does the crying end.

Sandy S Zoo April 15, 2010
Written for Lacey
For whose Crying Pond
will be filled with your tears…
the ones who didn’t respond
or for the ones who didn’t

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