Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 6, 2010

I Never Knew How Hard It Is to Say…

I never knew hard it is to say, «Goodbye»…

I knew it was, little one, I just tried to tell you

I didn’t hear the words

That’s because I couldn’t tell, I had to show you

And why was it so difficult to say

Because, I was living the pain, and I couldn’t tell the story

How would I know what it was like…

To say goodbye?

Yes, how would I know what it was like to say  «Goodbye»..

My little one, I showed you…


By the choices I made, by the way I walked,

In the way that I approached people

When people were not so glad

When people made me mad

I was telling you the story…

And, I didn’t even know.

When the man in the street held a bottle in his arms…

When a lover loved and no one understands…..

When some one left quickly without a formal good bye…

When I wanted to live,  and some one wanted me to die….

When I showed you my pain, and you didn’t understand….

When I wrote a song, and didn’t have a band….

When I showed you the scars and you couldn’t feel the pain…

When I showed you the sun and it started to rain….

When I was right in the middle, and didn’t know how to stop….

The pain and the grief and the passion all on top….

By the way I responded when I had no where else to turn….

By the way I taught, with so very much to learn….

By the choices I made, when I had a penny in my pocket

By the way I clung to your picture in the locket….

By the way I responded to those in a rage…

By the way that I stopped and stared, while turning a page….

By the look on my face, when an actor goes on stage…

How he/she looks when greeting a worser nightmare….

How she looks at you when she’s without a care….

Still under construction….      4-08-10  Sandy Ej on Facebook

To be continued….


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