Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 26, 2016

Where Is God?


We all experience pain. We all experience hardships. Sometimes they come at us in wave after wave. Just because we make it through one or two waves doesn’t mean the storm will pass.

In these times the human mind has a hard time seeing the good in a situation. We lose family members through death, disease and divorce. We can lose our homes in a fire or a storm. We can go into work one day and find out we are no longer needed by the company. These and so many other scenarios happen to thousands of people every year. And often times they look to the sky and ask, ‘Where was God?!!’ Sometimes we lose our faith because we don’t see an immediate solution. But I ask you, What if YOU are that solution?

God doesn’t always come through in a burning bush or His Son, Jesus Christ…

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