Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | juni 22, 2014

Ride The Waves


We live in a very big world. A world that, whether we know it or not, is full of waves.  Microwaves, Wind Waves, Water Waves, Waves of friendship from humanity, Waves of power.  Seasons come and go in waves.  Ebb and flow.  Last night our little section of the world was ROCKED by waves of weather.  We had storm systems roll through the Midwest United States that were more powerful that people in this area had seen in a long time. I am aware of two confirmed tornadoes within fifty miles of where I live.  My parents spent a great deal of time in the basement last night.  Storms can rock us anywhere at anytime on our planet. None of us is immune to the storms and the damage they may bring.

The same is true in our spiritual lives.  Storms can arise.  We can get angry, frustrated, sad, even…

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