Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 13, 2010

A Maid Picks Up – A Mother Teaches Responsibility

A maid picks up. A mother teaches you responsibility. A slave was expected to provide services without compensation. A wife teaches you that flowers don’t grow without sunshine and rain.A stranger shakes their head and walks away.
A friend laughs with you as they are putting on their own clown outfit.
A hater trips over the power cord to your respirator.
A lover sheds a tear when you are hurting.
Every time I see your name, I say a prayer for you;
a prayer for peace, a prayer for safety, a prayer for prosperity, a prayer for joy,
a prayer for sunshine, a prayer for kindness, and a prayer for compassion.
Never on my darkest days, would I wish you hardship or despair.
I carry this suitcase with a smile on my face and the knowledge that
despite my weaknesses and my frailties, you have welcomed me.
And, I promise you one thing and only one thing; I will never, never,
never give up on you. If you hurt me or reject me or betray me, I
will simply walk away. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less.
It means that I will choose to surround myself with positive people.
When given a choice whether to be cruel or to be kind, I will choose
to be kind. The choice is up to you. Life is meant for living.

*Love Laugh Live Longer*

* Sandy Ej * Copyright 2010 * March 12 *

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