Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | februar 4, 2010

Don’t You Let Me Get Between Us

Don’t You Let Me Get Between Us

Don’t you let me get between us

Don’t you let me make you mine

Don’t you ever cross on over

Don’t you let me cross the line


Down the road and being lazy

Through dark tunnels in my mind

Don’t you let me squander

Every dollar, nickel, dime


‘Cause you’re just a special friend

‘Cause I’m really in to you

‘Cause I’ll never let you go

I’m falling fast,  I love you too….


Don’t You Let Me Get Between Us…..     [refrain]


Don’t you let me start a fire now

Don’t be gentle, don’t be meek

Don’t you let me treat you better

Don’t you choose  him,  you  or me


‘Cause I never want your eye to wander

‘Cause I never want you to be mine

‘Cause I never want another lover

‘Cause I never want to cross the line


Don’t you let me get between us

Don’t you dare turn out the light

Don’t you let me kiss you under the stars

Don’t stay today, don’t stay tonight


‘Cause I only wanted you forever

I never wanted to let go

I never wanted pecks or kisses

I just wanted to ‘go slow’


And, now that I’m yours

And, now that your mine

The one between us is…

Forever on my mind

The End


My husband and I both have friends of the opposite sex.

I could never live with out ‘those friends’.

Boundaries are important.

And, sometimes there is nothing between ‘two friends’

but, they’ll be together ’til the end.

Friendship is so very important to me.

I grew up with a lot of my brothers’ friends coming and going.

I cherish the memories.  I kept my boundaries.

And, sometimes I might have wondered what might have been…

This song is for the ‘might have beens’ that I’ll cherish forever.   Amen.

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