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Better Than A Maytag! Written by Sandy S Zoo

Washing by the River

Better Than A Maytag

Money was tight
The kids were asleep
I ran out of quarters,
Should I wash by hand or weep

I sorted and sorted,
I examined each piece
I filled tub after tub
With water, soap and fleece

And, when that tub was full
And, when those clothes were wet
I loved those clothes and…
Hugged those clothes, and wept

I needed those clothes
Like the bread off the table
I wrapped my arms around them
As much as I was able

I squeezed out the water
I added more soap
I splashed around a bit
I poured in some hope

I traveled around the world
I went to places I’d never been
I thought of drugs I’d be takin’
If I had to do this, my friend [Tylenol, Motrin….].

I thought of ‘Manda and Gertrude
Of Martha and ‘Tina
I thought of all the women of the world
Of laundry and ‘Lena

I never would have done it
But some things were brewing
I could have waited a day or two
But the things and thoughts were stewing

What would I do
if I did this every day
What would I do
with Twelve kids anyway

I probably would be up
I’d probably be found
Washing, sorting, hugging
Holding laundry all day long

Starting at Ten Thirty at night
I ended at Five the next day
I had hand washed four loads
I could do it, Hooray!

Like a rotating door
I thought of life like this
Where do I get off
Would life be hell, or be bliss’

I thought of my health,
My brain, my condition
I thought of everything I’d do
For perfect health, my mission

And, God looked down
With a frown, and a shout
Sandy, don’t be telling me
You can’t do this, don’t doubt

For whatever I put
In your path, in your day
I’ll be there to listen
Just watch and then pray

I don’t want you to hurt
I cry when it’s tough
When doctors tell you somethin’
Don’t get down on your luck

Be strong, Sandy
Stand tall and be brave
I’m standing beside you
Every night and every day

I just can’t change it
I would, if I could
You are what you are
It’s unique, it is good

Live life, be brave
And do what you do
Don’t give up on
The love that’s in you

I can’t change it
You can’t either, it’s true
Just believe in yourself
Where you are, and what you do

Be and believe
Love and let live
Your life is a rainbow
Now go and forgive

Don’t look back
Don’t think far in advance
Be where you are
Accept, love, live and dance.

Last night…
I washed four loads of clothes by hand, it’s true
At the conclusion my adventure I said to myself
I’m better than a Maytag! Those clothes were like new…..

Sandy S Zoo

Washing by the River


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