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Sunset on Strawberry Lake Draft #3

Glitter Photos
[ – *Glitter Photos*]

If I could paint a rainbow, I’d paint it
with you…
I’d welcome the stars, and the

On days like today, your gentle voice
it sings…
I miss you Grandma, Grandpa, I miss you on
the swing

You see, every summer, your home
became mine
Your raspberries,strawberries,
rhubarb, sublime

And, as I looked ahead in life, you were
always there
I never had to look very far, I could find
you anywhere

You were there on the porch, you were there
by the lake
You were playing with your fiddle, while Grandma’s
cookies baked

If someone told me, some day you’d
be gone
I would go running back to you, and
sing you a song

Dear Grandpa, on days like today, it’s direct and simple, I can’t
buy you back
I can never find you, and that’s
a fact

I miss your hugs and I miss your
gentle notes,
When I miss you, Grandpa, I still
wear your coat [I do….]

You loved me, that’s all
it took,
I never knew why until I looked in
the picture book

On her gentle face, she smiled gently
at you
And as I got older, I had that pretty
smile too…

Your children so beautiful, kindly
and dear,
Your grandchildren dancing and singing

You are not so far away, Grandpa, but I miss holding
your hand
I miss your hugs and kisses, your fiddle and
your band…

As you got older, Gramps, life changed before we ever
really knew
And, as Grandma faded away, your
memory went too…

We’d come to see you, and wait for a
hug and kiss
But, you didn’t know us, or see us as the relative
you missed

One day, I came to visit, put my head on
your shoulder
I said, Grandpa, I miss you, and your
heart grew colder

Because, as much as I tried to bring you
right back
The Alzheimer’s had claimed you, and
that is a fact

Hello, Gramps, how ya’ doing
Have you had any company, what can
you say

You looked back at me with tears in
your eyes
«Who are you, my dear?», my face
in disguise

As I left that day, it was hard to
go back
For Grandpa was gone, sincerely
off track

When I saw his gentle spirit sitting on
that chair
He looked and he looked and couldn’t see
me anywhere…

I miss you, Gramps!

Third Draft December 11, 2008, Sunset at Strawberry Lake
In memory of my Grandpa Sam and Grandma Amanda

Grandpa Sam lived until the wise and courageous age of 93
I said ‘goodbye’ to him four days before he went to ‘heaven’
I read Louis L’Amour and sang his favorite songs to him
It was so hard letting go…and yet, it was a long goodbye

Grandma Amanda lived until she was ‘just 70’ years old
She was a breast cancer survivor and just a gem of a person
Six weeks before she said, «Goodbye» we were celebrating Grandpa’s birthday
She dressed up in her best clothes and informed us that she was
celebrating HER BIRTHDAY with Grandpa [Well….o.k.]

She died six weeks later surrounded by ALL of her ten children
except for James, he was THERE to welcome her HOME


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