Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | desember 1, 2008

Today We Say Goodbye, With Tears in My Eyes

You are not gone; just out of our reach.

You loved, and laughed and lived life with zest.

You cared, and shared and shouted.

You were full of life.

From a distance, I could see…

someone that would make a difference.

And, today as I sat here quietly crying,

I realized something new. As WE SAY GOODBYE to you,

We are also embracing your friends and family…

Caring for them, loving them dearly, sharing with them.

We are living with them in their grief, crying with them,

shouting with them, «Why, God?»

You have touched each one of our lives as you say goodbye.

As we are waving to you, Gentle Angel, you are looking

down on us…

As we are loving, caring, sharing, shouting, crying, living,

consoling, and…

you are smiling because- that’s all you ever wanted,

for every one to follow The One who sent you.


Today We Say Goodbye, With Tears in My Eyes

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