Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 30, 2008

Express Yourself!

Express Yourself!—————————————————————–

I enjoy reading, browsing and translating the German,

Swedish, Spanish, French, Norwegian and British English

websites. It broadens my understanding of the world,

and it also stretches my brain intellectually. «Learning a

foreign language helps one to cross the bridge to

understanding a new culture.»


There is an abundance of creative expression showcased on

the internet. The term ‘mind-boggling’ comes to mind.

Let’s call it ‘mind-bloggeling’. I like the sound of it.


Here’s a cool example:


I will highlight four avenues of creative expression available

to bloggers and techno saavy people.


Express Yourself #1:

A collection of humorous misspellings and cultural

misunderstandings printed on your favorite t-shirt.



Express Yourself #2

I suggest children’s movies with subtitles, and popular

children’s programming with subtitles. ‘Shrek’ is a big hit at our house.

Search Tips: ‘Mariposa’, ‘Oobi’, ‘Pingu’, and ‘Kitty-Sing-a-long’.

Express Yourself #3

Design a t-shirt


Express Yourself #4:

Get published. Write a book. Read a book. Join The Literary Group.

Express Yourself!

Sandy S. Zoo


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