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How to Translate A Page or Website-[]

Tip: How to Translate A Page or Website


Some website pages have a button indicating that an instant

translation is available. Try this:



Here is another method to use for translating documents:


1. Click on your website.

2. Click on the post/a post within your website.

3. Click on the_ button next to the MINIMIZE button and X Button.

4. The title of your website is now, look down, right here. (bottom of screen)

5. You’ll be translating in a New York Minute!

6. Now click on your desktop.

7. Click on ANY OTHER shortcut, but NOT your website shortcut.

This step allows you to open a brand new page.

8. The shortcut icon has opened up to a page or a website.

You will see it as a full screen image.

9. Now click the _ button. This button will minimize this screen.

These are your three choices: [ _ [] X ] (upper right-hand corner)

10. You will now have a HALF SCREEN of this shortcut.

11. Now click on YOUR website in the rectangle below. (bottom of the screen)

12. Minimize it using the_ button.This will minimize the screen.

These are your three choices: [ _ [] X ] (upper right-hand corner)

13. Scroll over the right or left side of the page with your website on it.

14. When you see a character with arrows on both ends,

click on it.

15. Now, press down on the double arrow button, hold it down, and

DRAG it to the left or right so that the website screen

covers ONE HALF of your computer screen.

16. Go up to number [9], and do the same for the

OTHER website screen.

17. Now, you have two screens on ONE page and you

can begin translating word for word.

18. One detail: To use the editing function, you need to

click on NEW POST. (

19. If you are translating material to an existing web page

on your site, make sure to do this:


a. Click on the LOG IN

b. Now LOG IN

c. Click on ADMINISTER

d. Click ON THE PAGE

e. Click on EDIT

f. These directions relate to WordPress websites.

f. You are ready for translating. As long as you know a

foreign language, you are ‘good to go’.

g. If you ‘ don’t have a clue’ about Greek or French, or

Norwegian, check out and learn it before you begin to translate.

h. Downloading is a piece of cake!

i. This website, , is free! No credit cards. No fees.

j. Enjoy!

Sandy S. Zoo


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