Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | november 30, 2008

A Peruvian Shaman’s Prayer

Glitter Graphics & Comments

Glitter Graphics & Comments

My wish for you…

Love Hope Faith Humor Courage

Sandy S Zoo

Walk through this place as a visitor.
Respect all things you come upon and you will be respected.
Respect all people you come upon and you will be honored.
Pray to all the gods you come upon and you will be accepted.
He who honors the traditions of all ancient people and all contemporary people has no enemy.
You are the caretakers of realization.Realization by any name is the awareness that you or God.
The feeling of great understanding is Love.The man or woman who attains God is the man or woman who walks each day as though he or she is on vacation from heaven, the vacation on Planet Earth in Human Body, the journey called reincarnation.It was never meant for you to establish residency here.
You were meant to taste here, to enjoy yourself in its rituals and sacraments, with wisdom to experience the passion, anger, joy, love, and peace.
Yourself in the presence of the great trees that are forever green.
You are a visitor to this body, to this planet.

The gold you seek, the house you build, the relationships you form are only for the experience to keep, to help you forever weaving the experience called you.
I come to you from a world that is within you, that awaits you, that brings you to my world through the gate of dignity, self-respect, and self-love.

~ A Peruvian Shamans Prayer*


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