Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | november 9, 2008

The Best of Sandy S Zoo

Things Not to Do in A Foreign Country

10. Get a haircut. Try it just once, but no more.

9. Go out on a date. Shock!

8. Go to the emergency room in a hospital.

7. Make cold calls to people with YOUR last name.

6. Wear your own clothes. (Wear everybody elses clothes.)

5. Discuss politics or religion if you don’t have a PhD in the subjects.

4. Expect to communicate with and understand little children.

3. Gawk at the sunbathers. But, don’t join them, either.

2. Eat anything that comes in a toothpaste tube.

1. Display your camera and/or passport in public.


Safety Tip: If you are traveling in a foreign country, never give the impression that you are lost- even if you are.

Language Tip of the Week: If you are AT A LOSS FOR WORDS, use sign language but, very carefully.

Culture Tip of the Week: When in a foreign land, know that you are a foreigner- and don’t forget it. Enough said.

Creative Expression Tip of the Week: Don’t tell jokes in a foreign country and don’t laugh at them either. End of subject.

Clothing Tip of the Week: Wear what everyone else is wearing in the foreign country you are traveling in. Except for in Amsterdam.

Hygiene Tip of the Week: Shower every day regardless of what they tell you. Besides, looking like a nerd, you don’t need greasy hair, too.

Photography Tip of the Week: Learn the song, “Dance Like No Ones’s Watching”. Exception: Take photographs when no one is watching.

Best Wishes as you travel!

Sandy S. Zoo

Resource Guide: Watch the Best of The Best of Mr. Bean with Rowan Atkinson. Very helpful. Good tips. Guaranteed success.

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