Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | november 4, 2008

You May Begin to Wonder

You May Begin to Wonder

You may begin to wonder if I ever said, «Goodbye»

You may begin to wonder if I ever really cry.

And, here is the story you may never really hear,

Of two little girls, that love you two, so dear.

A little girl in bed, asleep, «What is her prayer?»

Inside her palm, she holds it, she really does care.

The watch that you loved, the watch that you wore.

She cradles it in her hands, from the person she adores.

You may wonder, Karlee, if she ever asks of you.

She thinks about you all the time, it’s true.

She told me one day to give you a hug; Did you know?

And, hang on, Mommy, and never let go.

Some days, when it’s cloudy and rainy in her heart,

You can hear her hum a song for you, Karlee and Mart.

They dance in the moonlight, just waiting for you.

They play in the sunlight, and the afternoon, too.

I hear them asking, When will they come home, Mother?

We miss them. Love, Hannah, Sarah, and our little brother.

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