Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | oktober 30, 2008

In Memory of My Friend: 1963 – 1982

On a dreamy day, she looks up at the clouds passing by.
She ponders and wonders, and her heart’s in the sky.

She remembers the kite flying way up there, too.
She remembers the night crying, baby, over you.

If I could find a map, and I could find a guide.
I’d fly away and find you, wherever you reside.

She looks for hints,a glimpse that your spirit is here.
She finds you in the memories;she sees you in the mirror

You are never really gone, my friend, baby, so sweet.
You still follow me around, and pamper my feet.

You dust the ground I walk on, you whisper in my ear.
You brush up close beside me, I still feel you near.

I’d never believe that you’d leave this place.
When I heard that you’d left, you left an empty space.

On the day that you’d turn 40, I walked by your grave.
I whispered,»I love you, friend», and «Now, you behave!»

You, my brother’s best friend, a rascal, you’d be,
You made me laugh, you made me cry, you helped me to see.

The wisdom, the laughter, the silly things you’d say.
I’ll never forget you, and Y.O.U. I’ll never betray.

For, you left a mark on my heart, sometimes it hurts.
You left a footprint in my garden, you cute silly FLIRT.

Your sister whispered in my ear, the day you said Goodbye
«He really did [like] you, Sandy, now go ahead and cry.

Sometimes I am baffled, sometimes I wonder, «Why?»
Thought you’d live forever, now you’re a kite in the sky.


You left.

We cried.


«Vær så god.»

In Memory of Y.O.U.

A Poem by Sandy S Zoo

This is A POEM that I couldn’t write 25 years ago.
Vær så god, Y.O.U.

By the way, you left….but, you left something behind.
(My special friend was also my math tutor.)



  1. *
    Never really gone; just out of our reach.

    Sandy S Zoo

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