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The Hayworth Family: In Honor of My Adorable Friend D.J.

A friend Sandy made this and think its a wonderful thing to share with all of DJ and Debbie’s friends:

In Honor of my Adorable Friend D.J.***D.J is a fighter and a winner.
D.J is battling cancer. I became aquainted with D.J through his ‘mom and dad’.
Don and Debbie Hayworth are D.J’s parents.
I’d have to say that this family has touched my life in many ways.
I often try to imagine what Debbie must have felt like on the day that
she learned that her mother had
lung cancer, knowing that D.J had cancer and
welcoming twin grandchildren into their family.
Debbie is a fighter and a lover of life. She has her own health issues as well.
So, D.J.this one’s for you. For all of the adorable and obnoxious videos and
autographs. You are adorable. Twenty three years old and
loving life. I will always love you, my friend. Your number # 1 fan!

*If you thought that I was exaggerating, take a look at D.J’s pics.*

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Thank you Sandy what a wonderful thing to do, my friend. The Hayworth Family


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