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I Should Have Heeded Your Advice…..

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Narcolepsy?

The major symptom of narcolepsy is excessive daytime

sleepiness with sleep attacks. People with narcolepsy may

also have one or more of the following signs and


* Sudden loss of muscle tone and control (muscle

weakness) over parts or all of the body while awake

* Sudden inability to move or speak while falling

asleep or waking up (sleep paralysis)
* Vivid dreams while falling asleep or waking up


Daytime Sleepiness

All people with narcolepsy have excessive daytime

sleepiness. This is usually the first symptom of the

condition. They also may have sudden, irresistible urges

to sleep during the day (sleep attacks). They usually

fall asleep for just a few seconds or minutes. Rarely,

they may fall asleep for as long as an hour or more.

Daytime sleepiness can cause:

* Mental cloudiness or “fog”
* Memory problems
* Problems focusing
* Lack of energy
* Depression
* Extreme exhaustion


Nearly 3 out of 4 people with narcolepsy (75 percent)

experience sudden muscle weakness while they are awake.

This is called cataplexy, and it is similar to the

paralysis that occurs during dream sleep. Mild attacks of

muscle weakness can cause:

* Head nodding
* Drooping eyelids
* Difficulty speaking
* Difficulty moving arms or hands or a weakened grip
* Buckling of the knees

Severe attacks of narcolepsy may cause complete paralysis

and falls. Attacks often last less than 2 minutes, and

they may only last a few seconds. During both mild and

severe attacks, the person stays fully conscious.

The sudden attacks of muscle weakness in narcolepsy can

happen at any time. But these attacks are often triggered

by strong emotions, including:

* Laughter
* Anger
* Fear
* Excitement

Attacks of muscle weakness and tone are sometimes the

first symptom of narcolepsy that is noticed. But usually

this symptom occurs weeks or months after people who have

narcolepsy first start to experience excessive sleepiness

during the day.
Sleep Paralysis

People with narcolepsy may suddenly not be able to move

or speak while falling asleep or waking up. They are

fully conscious during these periods of sleep paralysis.

The paralysis usually lasts just a few seconds or

minutes, but it can be scary. Sleep paralysis is similar

to the paralysis that happens in rapid eye movement (REM)

sleep. Not all people with narcolepsy have sleep


Some people with narcolepsy have vivid dreams while they

are falling asleep, waking up, or dozing. These

hallucinations differ from normal dreams because they

seem very real and include sights, sounds, smells,

tastes, and touch. People with narcolepsy may say these

hallucinations are scary like a nightmare. The

hallucinations can occur with sleep paralysis.
Other Symptoms

Some people with narcolepsy have difficulty staying

asleep through the night. These frequent awakenings may

start years after experiencing the first symptoms of

narcolepsy. Another symptom of narcolepsy is to carry out

certain actions without awareness. This is called

automatic behavior. For example, if people with this

symptom are writing, they may scribble rather than form

words. When driving, people with automatic behavior may

get lost or have an accident because of periods when they

aren’t aware of what they are doing. People usually do

not remember such automatic behavior.

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PROVIGIL is indicated to improve wakefulness in adult

patients with excessive sleepiness associated with

narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome,

and shift work sleep disorder. (Thank you, Wikipedia)

I have Narcolepsy and….
I am taking my Provigil.

Good night. Remember to…
Live Love Laugh
Sandy S Zoo


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