Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | september 23, 2008

A Song in the Garden

Garden Song

A Song in the Garden

I started working on a new garden.

I think of each new day, and each new garden-

And, I wonder about the children being born each day.

I wonder about each new flower being planted.


Will there be enough sunshine and rain?

Will there be a warm welcome or will there be pain?

I think of the beautiful blooms and the butterflies, too.

At sunrise, do you feel tired or do you feel brand new?

Life is like a garden, a sweet circle of friends.

Like sunshine and honey, it’s goodness never ends.

But, there are days, like today, my little one-

When the clouds are dark and the river runs,

Over rocks, and under trees,

Under bridges, over leaves.

There is no mercy, it seems,

There is no sunshine, no sunbeams.

Look deep in the well and say,

Go away darkness, I don’t want to play.

You’re not welcome, you can not stay.

Rise up and meet the sunshine.

Grab a smile and make it ‘mine’

Look up and force a smile.

Clouds are here for a little while

Come sunshine, come now,

Hear me whisper, take a bow.

Do not go away so long.

I miss your warmth, I miss your song.

For while music does not come from you.

It comes from the flowers surrounded by dew.

While you are just a sitting up there in the sky,

The ones you shine on, the ones who cry.

We count on you to cheer us on today,

We need your warmth, your sun today.


Copyright 2008 Sandy S Zoo


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