Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | september 6, 2008

Deacon Stan-Pictures in Progress

This man is a deacon.

He performs all pastoral duties,

however, is not ordained. He is

a gentle, kind, caring person who does

not judge people- he loves them.

He spent 90 minutes walking my family around

the sanctuary and answering every possible

question. Three little ones walked away with

a new friend, and a respect for this

wise man.


I don’t preach; I live.

And, if how I live preaches; so be it.

I love people. I love life. I live by faith,

not by choice, but by necessity. If my life

had not been marred by tragedy, I would probably

live and think like everybody else. My life was

spared and so…I’m here. I love life more than

you could imagine. And, I think that ‘life’ loves

me. Sandy S Zoo


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