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A Day in A Life

A Day in the Life of A Grandmother, A Mother, A Brother, A Daughter, A Son, A Sister

This story is about three families and how they deal with crises.

You will find that, while reading the story, our lives are delicately interwoven.

Let me begin:

Our family has been through some experiences that I thought would just

shake us like an earthquake. We managed to get through these hard times

and I believe that we did so kindly and carefully and…faithfully.


*Not excluding Grandfather, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Newborn Baby, Young Adults


Today, a friend writes to tell me that her mother has had another

heart attack. There are many blockages in her arteries. The doctor

told my friend to ‘take her mother home and make her comfortable’.


I had written this message to my friend:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie and hugs to you. 😉

My brown eyes are crossing and I am going to sleep…

Love Hope Faith Laughter



Here is a paraphrase of my friend’s response:

Hope you are doing well. Mom had a heart attack Weds. and we are already

home. They did a heart catheter on her Thursday afternoon and there were

so many blockages that they sent a Heart Surgeon in. [But] He said that mom

would never survive the by pass surgery so he sent us home and told us to

make her as comfortable as we can and that even a small heart attack now will

be her last one. So, please remember us in your prayers.

Hugs to you, Sweetie. (((((Sandy)))))


And, here is my response:

I will pray for the strength to get YOU through this situation.

I will hope that the good memories surround you.

I will ask God to wrap His arms around you. And,

I will believe that perhaps God needs to intervene

once more….and grant a miracle of time, or a miracle

to alleviate the pain, or a miracle that will heal the

blockage. Whether it’s sunny or rainy- keep on believing.


We really don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Not a clue.


I just spoke with a mother and her son, Bernard.

We were sitting at a dinner table and reminiscing about our lives,

our children, our families. There were smiles; there were tears.

My friend spoke openly and lovingly about her son, Bernard.

He was born with a chromosomal variance. He was also diagnosed

with Leukemia three years ago. He had a very slim chance of

survival and..HE SURVIVED. One young man overcoming two

major hurdles in his lifetime. Wow!


I observed how this brave young woman dealt with life:

I never saw a ‘desperate mother holding on for dear life’.

I saw a relaxed, confidant mother who projected inner

strength and a strong respect for life. She was confident in

the medical community. I always thought that it was the milder

form of leukemia. No. Today, I learned that his was considered

incurable and that HE beat the odds. He is beating the odds.


The reason I was with this family today is that

the ‘support the troops’ motorcycle group came and

cheered on my friend, ‘Collette’. She had lost her first

born son, Marty, one year ago. He was a first sergant

stationed overseas. He was attempting to save a comrade.

In the midst of saving a life, his life ended. [paraphrase]


It was not quite so shocking as when it happened.

I actually avoided contact with this wonderful person,

my friend, in the beginning, because I knew that I

would burst into tears upon talking to her about her

loss. It took a long time to build up the courage to

to talk to my friend about her son. I was bringing a

brand new son into the world as she was bidding goodbye

to her first born son.


It was a moving experience…all fifty motorcycle riders

came in like roaring thunder. They gave hugs and shook hands

and praised ‘Collette’s family’ for the sacrifice they made for

our country.


Sending a son to Afghanistan, caring for her parents, enduring major

life changes, having a child with a chromosomal variance,

enduring incurable leukemia, receiving the call that her

son had lost his life in combat; how does one manage to

cope, to get through life crises, to survive the stress of

so many challenging life events.


We talked about that. It’s all about faith. As I watched

a strong woman talking with her son today about

his remarkable recovery from leukemia, I began to understand

that not only was I looking at a miracle in progress.

I was looking at a strong woman facing one challenge at

a time…and a strong woman who became stronger through

the storms. Amazing. Some people are simply amazing.


Love Peace Courage Prayers




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