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Tha Family Man

The Family Man – Exclusive Movie Script – Maverick Solutions/2002

67 INT. BOWLING ALLEY – LATE Jack walks out of the men’s room, heading toward the lounge. He sees a familiar face walking toward him…a woman in a sexy little bowling outfit, carrying a bowling ball to a far lane. EVELYN Hi Jack… A moment of confusion as he tries to place the face. Then… JACK Evelyn, right? EVELYN Very funny. I saw you out there on lane five. What do you have the flu or something? JACK Something like that. EVELYN (with a wink) Need a nurse? JACK You’re a nurse? Evelyn laughs. EVELYN If that’s what you want… She brushes past Jack, continuing to her lane…Jack follows her with his eyes a moment, then… JACK Wait a second… She turns. JACK (CONT’D) Are we…? EVELYN Are we what, Jack? JACK Is there something going on between us? Evelyn’s surprised at Jack’s directness. She stands there a beat, then walks back toward him. EVELYN Are we finally being honest? JACK It would help me if we were. EVELYN Okay, you’re right, we’ve been dancing around this for years… Evelyn looks a little flush…she briefly fans her face. EVELYN (CONT’D) God, my heart is racing. Here goes… (a smile) When I get dressed for a party and I know you’re going to be there… well, let’s just say I don’t go strapless because my husband likes it… An intrigued smile from Jack. EVELYN (CONT’D) I’ve got six sets of snow tires piled up in my garage and I won’t even drive in the snow…And our kids just happen to be in the same ballet class every year? She picks a piece of lint off his shirt. EVELYN (CONT’D) So, if you’re asking me whether I’d like it to be more, the answer is yes… A look of surprise from Jack. EVELYN (CONT’D) …and Kate would never have to know. Jack considers this for a moment. JACK Do I have your number? A wide smile from Evelyn. EVELYN Steve’s out of town with the kids this week. Why don’t you just stop by… She turns, leaving Jack standing there, watching her sashay back to her lane. 68 INT. BOWLING ALLEY, LOUNGE – SECONDS LATER Jack walks into the lounge, a little dazed. He heads over to Arnie who’s having a beer at the bar. ARNIE (looking at Jack) Hey Jack, you’re all flush. I guess that seventy-one took a lot outta you. JACK (sitting down) I just saw Evelyn Thompson. ARNIE She is relentless. JACK She wants to have an affair with me. ARNIE She said that? JACK Pretty much. ARNIE Oh yeah… (shaking his head) What is it about you? JACK (pushing over a napkin) So could you write down her exact address? ARNIE Whoa…whoa…wait a second, Jack. You’re not actually gonna cheat on Kate? JACK It wouldn’t really be cheating… (off Arnie’s doubtful look) It’s complicated. ARNIE Look, maybe I’m not as good a consigliere as you are but you have to trust me on this one. A little flirtation’s harmless but you’re playing with fire here. The Fidelity Bank and Trust is a tough creditor. You make a deposit somewhere else, they close your account forever. JACK I’m telling you, those rules don’t apply to me, Arn. ARNIE (a chuckle) Screw the rules. I’m talking about the choice. Jack looks at him curiously. ARNIE (CONT’D) C’mon, Evelyn Thompson’s got no class. She doesn’t marry Dr. Steve, the woman’s living in a trailer. JACK Hey, is that really necessary? ARNIE All I’m saying it there isn’t a guy in Union County who wouldn’t give his left nut to be married to Kate… Arnie takes one last swig of his beer and gets up… ARNIE (CONT’D) I’ll see ya later, Jack… He leaves Jack alone, thinking… CHAPTER TEN – CAKE WARS 69 INT. CAMPBELL HOUSE – NIGHT Jack walks into the house carrying his bowling bag. He dumps the bag in the coat closet and walks into the kitchen where… Kate is at the counter, her back to him, poring over some legal documents. KATE (not looking up) How was the game, honey?


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