Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mai 30, 2008

Some Days-I Wonder….

Some Days, I Wonder….

There is a place in life that’s warm and free,

There is a place in life right next to me. (I’m a good friend.)

There is a place that I don’t understand.

It’s the greed and hate and fighting; this land.

If I could have one wish, it would be.

That we could be friends, just you and me.

That life could be so full of peace- of joy each day.

That life could be good, sometimes it’s not that way.

Some days, I wonder….where the rainbow meets the land.

If there is a place, where someone understands.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Sandy S. Zoo


  1. To beutiful Sandy, Belle!

    Thank you so much for this words. I have been very busy with the theaterfestival lately but now i have holliday ;-))

    Miss your mails – i guess you know i have been busy – Now you can write to me again – please.
    I hope everything is ok with you and your family. Take care and thanks again for all your support and kindness. You make my day – every day, because you are my true friend.

    ps: your poem is in my blogg (dikt/sitater)

    with love kjellemann

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