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It’s A Brand New Day- Celebrate! (work in progress)

It’s A Brand New Day- Celebrate!

I was out in the garden yesterday….breathing in the fresh air and pulling weeds.

I am ‘sculpting’ a brand new garden this week.

I began by digging a 4″ trench beside my sidewalk in front

of my home. I purchased some mulch and will cover every inch

of exposed soil. Mulch is the key to keeping those weeds at bay.

I made two garden areas right next to the entrance. By the garden arch, I added

a square garden area on each side of the arch. I crossed the sidewalk and

added two more garden areas next to the street. Every inch of sidewalk is

surrounded by a 4″ trench. Then, I took a trip to the compost site and

collected about 90 bricks from a building that was razed. I found some

more mulch at the compost site and piled that onto a large tarp and rolled

it up and placed it in my vehicle. A nice pile of matured compost also was

collected. This is for potted plants. Of course, I have three little helpers

that are either working vigorously or playing industriously.

While back at home, I am taking the bricks and placing them in the trenches.

I am sculpting the trenches with a hoe and with my hands. I have a small

shovel in my hand as I work. As the area was once thick grass, I am pulling

grass and a few weeds as I go.

Ah, ha! The family says that we need flowers. We are off and running again.

What is a garden without the flowers? I already have a perennial garden. We

decide to explore the world of annual flowers.

We choose the following flowers: verbena, lobelia, allysum, dianthus, and

gereniums. The children are elated. Twenty minutes after arriving at the

floral shop, we depart with the flowers and the flower shop receives

$50.00 for a variety of plants. The amount of plants that we purchased fits

into two large trays.

We deliver the plants to my doorstep and begin digging small holes

next to the bricks lining my sidewalk. The children are learning two

new terms today: symmetry and patterns. The eldest and most

boisterous daughter says that she is going to do it her way;

pink, blue, white, blue, pink, blue, blue, blue. I explain symmetry;

pink here, pink there. Now, add the blue. Blue here, blue there.

Now, add the white. White here, white there. And, start all over

again. The eldest child protests. Why does it have to be the same?

It’s called symmetry, Hannah! The pattern on ONE SIDE of the

sidewalk matches the pattern on the OTHER SIDE. «Well»,

she says, «I disagree!» And, I conclude the discussion by asking

her if she has three legs on one side and one leg on the other side.

«No!»‘ is the reply. Well, God didn’t make you that way because all

creatures are symmetrical. They have an ear on one side and an ear

on the other. They have an eye on this side and an eye on the other.

It’s a pattern that repeats itself over and over again in nature. And,

we are going to practice the art of symmetry here- in this, our garden.

She agrees. She ponders the oddity of having three legs on one side

and one on the other.

Then, we get to the art of making patterns. Three little ones are chanting

«pink, blue, white, pink, blue, white, pink, blue, white…..» I asked,

«O.K., what comes next?» The children have figured it out and their

reply is usually accurate. I love integrating ‘math and language arts’

into gardening and playing. My children are catching on. Every day-

they learn something new.

And, don’t forget to water your plants. I water my plants in the evening.

The water sets in the soil and without the sun, it doesn’t evaporate so

quickly. Don’t forget to cover exposed soil with mulch. Surround each

tiny flower with a generous amount of mulch as this keeps the moisture

in the soil. Mulch. Mulch. Mulch.

Mulch is a term that you need to know for successful gardening.

Mulch can be shredded trees, aged leaves, grass clippings from the

year before or pistachio shells. Be creative. Do understand that if

you use grass clippings that the grass needs to be weed-free. If

you add grass clippings from a weedy lawn, you are going to

be adding me to your list of ‘worst enemies’. Weeds will be your

new best friend. Be cautious.

Also, if you were wondering, compost is made up of leaves, grass

clippings, leftover vegetables, shredded trees and such. Leave out the

following: animal droppings, meat products, and dairy products.

I know that the subject is unbearably gross, but dogs and cats

eat commercial dog foods and cat foods and the animal droppings

have NO BENEFITS for your garden. The ‘processed ingredients’

have chemicals and other factors that will throw off the pH

balance in your soil. Get rid of it!

Well, the garden is nearly complete after three full days of

digging, and sculpting and brick laying and weeding and planting.

Gardening isn’t easy. But, the rewards are infinitismal.

I love gardening. And, my family does, too.

I’ll take pictures in a week when the garden comes to life.

At the moment, the plants are wilting and a bit ‘topsy-turvy’.

Transplanting flowers is ‘hard work’ for the flowers, too. It

takes about a week for them to adapt to the new area and

to take root. If you see a very tired looking garden after you

have planted ‘brand new flowers’, it is not a failure. There is

a transition that takes place from newly planted to being a

beautiful garden.

Imagine the analogy: as we embark on new adventures,

we look a little weathered and tattered and torn. After

a bit of time passes, we take root, we stretch out our wings,

and we become settled in our new environment. Change is

hard on every one and every thing. Patience is the key.

And, don’t forget courage. Try new things. Get your feet

muddy. Explore new territories. Be kind to yourself.

Get proper rest and eat well. Life is good. Life is

beautiful. Like a garden; life is beautiful.

Enjoy the sunshine and the flowers!

Sandy S Zoo

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