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When the Sun is Shining-This Gardener is Shining!


When the Sun is Shining, This Gardener is Shining!

I am happiest with a clump of dirt in my hair and a pitchfork

in one hand; a hoe in the other. After church, I took one look

at the great big blue sky and I went straight to the

muddiest spot in the garden. The date is: May 18, 2008.

It was a day to celebrate.


While in church today, the sun was shining, the kids were in the right pew.

The piano player was playing. The drummer was drumming. The singers

were singing. And- I sang out at the top of my lungs. I’m not a traditional

Bible-Banger. I just love to sing. Singing for me is the very best prayer!

I was standing there with a child in my arms. The other two were actually sitting

in the right pew, still. My school age child leaned over and was listening to me


and listens to my voice and sings along- as best as she can.

Life is good. After the pastor gave the blessing, I was eager to get out in the

garden. The sun is shining. This gardener is shining! What should I do first?


After several days of heavy rain, my lawn was very, very green. I looked at the

edge of the sidewalk and I knew my first priority- create a 3 inch gap between the

sidewalk and the lawn. After that was accomplished, I dug two small gardens that

are in the shape of a pie piece. After I created about thirty feet of ‘trenching’ beside

the sidewalk with a hoe, I got out my broom and a large shovel for my ‘dust pan’.

After sweeping, I hoed through the gardens to loosen up the soil. I hope to

add some sand and some Miracle Grow Mix to the new gardens. This will

add some nutrients to the soil and also will get some more air into the soil.

The little corner that I was digging in had the appearance of a ‘grain field’

during a drought. It needed some material to ‘loosen it up’.


My little guy helped me through out the whole process.

He was searching for worms for his worm farm.

When he found the perfect candidate, he would

hand it to me. He didn’t seem too alarmed when I said that I’d put

it in my pocket for safe-keeping. Oops. I dropped it again.


After creating two little gardens, scooping up excess dirt and hiding it

in the bushes, sweeping up the dust on the sidewalk, and tidying up

the ‘trenches’, my work was almost complete. The lead gardener

started up the lawn mower and off I went.


Now, random abstract is fun as an artist, but I would not be so

surprised if my lawn mowing skills will soon be highlighted on or at the next family gathering. I do NOT go

back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. That’s for

sissies! I drive back and forth. I drive over the strips of

cut grass and ‘mulch’ them. I go where no man has gone

before. I think that cross-hatching best describes my

lawn mowing technique. «I don’t know how I could have

ran out of gas so soon, either!»


I pulled some weeds by hand that were out of reach of the mower

and I trimmed a few shrubs while mowing. I am gleaming from ear to

ear! I am gardening, mowing and exercising all at the

same time. I am daydreaming of the truck load of mulch that will

be arriving shortly…..oh, mulch, how great thou art! It never

comes, but I am still hopeful!

A child delivers a cool glass of pink lemonade and it tastes

delicious and I am rejuvenated, at least for thirty more minutes.

Wherever there is ‘Gardening and Sunshine and Me’;

it is the place for me to be!


Thanks for listening to my day in the garden story. I loved living it.

I think that my children will enjoy reading it some day.


Sandy S Zoo


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