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Preschoolers-Learning a Foreign Language

Preschoolers-Learning a Foreign Language

You might remember when you first enrolled in Greek, or Latin, or Spanish in

college. You bemoaned the fact that you had not studied it in high school.

You never went to language camp. You’ve never even been on a 747 Boeing.

You have been grounded all of your life and NOW, you have to play catch up.


Here are some tips for teaching your preschoolers a foreign language so that they

can avoid the jitters when they, too, are obligated to take a foreign language in

high school and/or college.


1. Buy the movie, ‘Finding Nemo’ or ‘Madagascar’ or ‘Over the Hedge’.


The animation is attention-grabbing and your kids probably already know

all of the lines by now. Instead of English subtitles, click on the Spanish

or French or Japanese subtitles (if it is available). Turn the audio features

on ‘Spanish or French or Japanese’. Your kids will be tuned into the storyline.

The exposure to a foreign language will give them ‘a few words’ to use and

an understanding of ‘foreign expressions’. Just a ‘taste of the culture’ is all you

need to jump start their interest. This is my best tip; it works for me and my family!


2. Get a cassette or CD of Kundai or Bjarte Leithaug or Ismael YK. Listen to it on road trips.


3. Go to the library and ask for children’s books written in Spanish or French or German. Read them.


4. Go on and type in: Children’s Songs Then type in: [Spanish or French or Russian]


5. Go to an ethnic restaurant. Ask the waiter to speak in their native tongue. Listen and repeat.


6. Get out a map of the world. Ask your children where they’d want to go to. Learn about it.


7. Read the labels on children’s clothing. Learn a few words from the country where they were made.


8. Choose an ethnic meal. Say please and thank you in the language associated with the meal.


9. Go out in the garden. Learn the scientific and the common names of flowers and herbs.


10. Find a song book in a foreign language. Teach the songs to your kids. Sing out loud!


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