Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mai 8, 2008

You You Double Double Space Space Everything Everything

You You Double Double Space Space Everything Everything

You may have wondered why I double space EVERYTHING.

It is because that people who have a VISUAL IMPAIRMENT

have asked that I use the double space feature. It’s easier to read.

They will also ask you NOT to use certain colors.

Basic Black, Dark Burgandy, Dark Green, Dark Brown, and Dark Blue

are good choices. I will provide an example of which

colors are NOT good choices. Here it goes:

Light Pink

Light Orange

Soft Yellow

Light Green

Light Blue

Baby Blue

Light Purple


The following colors are pretty good choices:

Basic Black

Dark Blue

Dark Green

Dark Red

That’s all.


If you are wondering why a visually impaired person never told

you to double space or to use DARK colors, it is because they

can’t read your e-mail address because it is in light pink or white.


Sandy S Zoo


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