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Organ Donor Consent-USA Today

I am jumping up and down, raising my hand in the air, and I have a question:

When the NYC Ambulance Company says that they are going to be preserving

bodies enroute to the hospital, haven’t they already been doing this?

[I already know the answer. I just wish that it were cost effective to do so.]


I would want the benefit of the doubt. I would want to have paramedics

working to SAVE MY LIFE from the moment I was discovered until I arrived

at the ER Room.


I think what this article is saying is that in many instances, when it appears

that a person has EXPIRED, that all efforts to SAVE A PERSON and to preserve

the organs are halted. That is unless there is a visible ORGAN DONOR CARD



Insurance companies would most likely be able to provide information on

the cost of preserving a person’s organs enroute to a local trauma unit.


Families who are against organ donation will most likely protest, however,

families who are in favor of organ donation will probably be grateful for

the extra effort made to preserve a family member’s organs. Sometimes,

it is encouraging to know that when a family member has perished that a

part of them keeps on beating, seeing, breathing, functioning through

the life of another individual.


The topic makes me feel a little bit queasy, however, it is important that

people in favor of organ donation get their information updated on their

DRIVER’S LICENSE and that they get their LIVING WILL established assisted

by an attorney.


Sandy S Zoo

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