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Cats in Hats – Which Happy Cat Are You?

Cats in HatsDelightful!

This is Happy Cat Hat Day!

Which Happy Cat are you?

If you were a cat,

What would you do?


Copy and paste your Happy Cat picture below and send it on.

Please place a link back to


This is Sandy S Zoo on Happy Cat Hat Day!

She is wearing her favorite red hat. She is going to play piano

today. Her delightful children will be singing the chorus.

Laundry magically disappears on Happy Cat Hat Day.

She is going to have Chicken with Cashews- Stir Fry for dinner.

Don’t forget the Snow Pea Pods, Chef Meow-moo-say.

There are no rules, no lists, no bills, no appointments on

Happy Cat Day. Oh, yes, one set of rules: Be Happy. Be Kind. Be Polite. Be Honest.


Which cat are you?

Which hat will you wear?

What will you do?

When the dinner bell rings,

Will you sing or will you dash?

Will you read a book, or will you pay

with cash?

Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!


Sandy S Zoo



You are next!

Because you are so creative and theatrical, I choose you.

Who will you choose?


Sandy S Zoo


Note: It is 11:15 am on my computer screen.

Add six hours for the Norwegian Standard Time.

Norwegians are done working for the day. It is about 5:15 pm

in Norway. Norwegians are ALWAYS ahead of us by six hours or more.


I spent two hours trying to make ‘the perfect square’ with these wonderful happy cat hat photographs.

I am on to another project now.  Please enjoy- Happy Cat Hat Day!   Sandy

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