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Works for Me Wednesday-Elaborate Birthday Parties

Works for Me Wednesday-Elaborate Birthday Parties


My best tip is to keep it simple. Food-Family-Fun!


K-I-S-S! Keep It Simple Stupid! -or- Keep It Simple Silly!


My favorite party was ordering a gigantic sub from Subway.


We sent out an tri-fold with a poem on it, a stamp and an

address announcing the birthday.


Family members were the best present.


I bought a bunch of craft items in about 15 minutes.


I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE shopping. Here’s a quick list:

T-shirts and Fabric Paints, A Baby Pool and Duckies, Bean Bag Toss,

Bubble Blowing, Watercolor Markers and more…


Have your kids organize the games. Busy kids=happy kids.


Sandy S Zoo


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