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Muddy Little Creatures- My First Poem

Muddy Little Creatures- My First Poem

I have been writing for almost 30 years.

Click here to read Muddy Little Creatures:

During the summer that I wrote this poem, I was attending a Creative Study Institute

for gifted and talented kids. I really did sit out in the barnyard watching these

muddy little creatures. And, I am really not a fan of eating meat. I am not

a professed vegetarian, however, I do prefer vegetables and rice over meat.

I eat meat; I just don’t talk about it. I DO NOT want to be reminded.

It was the year that Rosy, the pig, disappeared four days before Thanksgiving.

I will never forget.


Returning to the topic of the Creative Study Institute:

During the LAST summer that I would be in attendance at the Creative Study

Institute, I remember it well, my brother was diagnosed with an inoperable

brain tumor.


Just yesterday, I was visiting with my brother at our house and

a neighbor stopped by. The neighbor was discussing cranial surgery. I

turned to my brother and I said, «Remember when you were diagnosed with a

brain tumor?» I admitted to my brother that, during that summer, I

remember the heavy clouds that were above us. It was not a very

bright, sunny or happy time. It was dark and cloudy even when the

sun was shining.


I look at my LARGE family and try to imagine what it was like for

my mother, to hear, «Your son has an inoperable brain tumor.»

I do remember her response. Silence and, then, this incredible

surge of strength and wisdom. She was not your ‘shouting

halleluia’ type Christian. She was quiet and strong and tenacious.

She didn’t babble on and on, «Now what are we going to do….?»

She just kept on keeping on. It is the stuff that my ancestors

were made of- tenaciousness. Tenaciousness.


And, while you are pondering that word, there is an undercurrent of,

«Don’t mess with me.» This is cloaked with «Minnesota Nice» and

so you don’t always see or smell or sense it’s presence. But, you

will. I know that you will.

Enjoy those muddy little creatures,

Sandy S Zoo

Visit The Muddy Pig when you are in St. Paul, Minnesota!

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