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Consider This: Omission Training- Teachers and Parents

Consider This: Omission Training-  For Teachers and Parents

What is Omission Training?

Here are a few examples:

You wake up in the morning. Your children are eating breakfast quietly for five minutes.

Omission Training: I see that you treated your brother kindly. You are being kind.

Thank you for being kind to your brother.   I see that you did not throw your

breakfast all over the wall.  You have eaten breakfast for ten minutes without

using my curtains as a canvas and the blueberry jam as your medium.

Another example:

Your children are playing on a swing set. They are helping each other by

giving each other a boost in to the swing, and are pushing each other.

Things are going good.

Omission Training:

I see that you used kind words. I see that you took turns. I see that you are

sharing. Thank you for being kind to your brother or sister.

Thank you for NOT talking loud. Thank you for NOT being a bully.

Thank you for not hitting your brother.  Thank you for not tipping over the

swing set.  I see that you shared the swing set with your brother for [15 minutes].


I use this technique.

Sometimes, I am biting my tongue. Sometimes, I have higher expectations

for my kids and they just can’t meet my expectations.


It is when I walk in to a room that was once squeaky clean and

it now matches the aftermath of a sunami that I need to practice

omission training.


Another example:

I see that you are having FUN, FUN, FUN! I am proud of you

for creating a castle with a real dungeon. Where did you get

the whipped topping and the peanut butter. Oh, I see. The

dragons in the dungeon like peanut butter on their graham

crackers.  And, I see that the dragons are skating across the

living room floor on the peanut butter. You are REALLY creative!

Omission Training:

I see that you did not draw on the walls this morning.

I can hear you play and I hear two children playing nicely.

I can see that you are helping each other when it is

time to clean up.


Simply said: Praise them when they are being good.

Catch them being good.   Bite your tongue.

Sandy S Zoo


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