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Rickrolling: Hva er det for noe’?

Rickroll Internet Phenomenon:

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Rickroll and Never Gonna Give You Up

In 2007[5] Rick Astley became the subject of a viral Internet meme in which

an estimated 25 million Internet users were tricked into watching the video

for Rick Astley’s «Never Gonna Give You Up» by posting it under the name

of other popular video titles.[6] The practice is now known as Rickrolling.

The phenomenon became so popular that on April 1, 2008, YouTube

pranked the Internet community by making every single video link on the

front page a Rickroll.


I am a bit behind the times, however, I wanted to post this on

so as to ‘preserve a part of history’.


Rickrolling is when you create a link. When guests roll over the link or click on it,

a song or website other than ‘the one that is identified on the link’ shows up.

For example, if you clicked on a link that said ‘Bugs Bunny’ and the window opened

up to a website featuring rabbit hunting or whatever.

Here is another great song by Rick Astley:

Nevertheless, Rick Astley is an incredible musician with a great sense of humor.

Sandy S Zoo


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