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Mister Linky’s Slinky and Other Adventures

Mister Linky’s Slinky and Other Adventures

As I explore different websites and look for ways to enhance, I have found vast

oceans of information that I just don’t understand.


I feel like a little ant sometimes, crawling around the web exploring

and bringing back nuggets of information to my little colony.

And, sometimes, I am not entirely sure how to use the information

that I find.


That is one of my missions:

to find information and to translate it

into commons terms and to show ways of using this helpful

information. I am NOT always successful in my attempts to

gather and disperse information.


Courage, hope, faith, tenaciousness, persistence, humor,

creativity, time, wisdom, patience, networking, education and

professional training; these are some of the tools in my toolbox.


I never knew it but, Albert Einstein had the same sense of

persistence. He said, «[There are 99 negative responses and

one yes. I will keep searching for the one yes].»

(Paraphrase by Sandy S Zoo)


So, I am explaining that Mister Linky is not working very well

at the moment. I have made three [3] attempts to get him

up and running. I have 96 more tries to go. I am NOT giving up.



Mister Linky operates best with anything but,

(freeware) and If you have,

the only option available is to copy and paste the

Image-version of Mister Linky. The link then redirects traffic

to a page where you will add your name and URL. It also

provides a quick summary of the ‘neme’ and an example

of the types of blogs using this ‘neme’. A ‘neme’ is a Short

Little Statement defining the theme of this ‘auto-link’.

To have your own ‘neme’, you need to purchase this from

Mister Linky. There are three types of members:

A Standard Member-A Silver Member-A Gold Member.

Each membership, as usual, has different benefits.

A Standard Member receives access to auto-links in the form of:

the image-version. Remember copying and pasting a

picture in your blog, this is the exact method of getting you

personalized ‘Mister Linky’ in to your blog. If you are confused;

that’s o.k. It is a long road from discovery to a

complete and functional understanding. You’ll get there.

I’m just a little bit down the road.


Look below to observe the nuggets of information

that I am collecting. It all relates to auto-links.


This is what you’ll see if you use the rich visual editor.

It won’t work. You need to use HTML.

Look down:
<a target=»_blank» href=»»><img border=»0″ src=»»></a&gt;


Sandy S Zoo

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