Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mai 3, 2008

Mister Linky’s Slinky and Other Adventures

Who is Mister Linky and what’s all the hype about ‘auto-links’? explains ‘Mister Linky’ and provides a description

of Mister Linky and it’s features.

Thank you, ! wrote a review about Mister Linky.

Click on this link:

Click on this link:

With, your options are limited. You need to use

the widget with images. There are several other options, however,

they do not work with the FREE version of .

The issue at hand for me is that I am researching the ‘memes’

available. I have the link to Mister Linky up and running, but

I am not well-versed with regards to the ‘memes’ and their themes.

This site uses Mister Linky’s ‘auto-links’:

Here is a example of a Mister Linky ‘auto-link’:

Here is a true example of a courageous woman:

This courageous woman has a Mister Linky feature within her blog:

Weekend Reflection’s connection to Mister Linky:

Thank you, Mister Linky!

Sandy S Zoo


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