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The Making of a Virtual Librarian-Oxford Brookes University Library Specialist

Antony Brewerton at Oxford Brookes University Library Speaks Out:

Impact : Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: The Making of A Virtual Librarian

I love collecting books. I love my librarian. I love, love, love reading.

I am a ‘book-head’. Some delightful characters may call me a ‘book worm’.

No, I am not a serpent. I am a book butterfly. A library is like a garden for me.

As a person who loves books, and who loves reading; it is important to get

to know the keeper of the keys to the library. This webpage, The Making of

a Virtual Librarian-created by Oxford Brookes University Library Specialist,

Anthony Brewerton, provides a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the topic of

librarians. The webpage created by Anthony Brewerton is a portal to: getting

to know your librarian. In the library, I have always found a friend.



Sandy S Zoo

A Valuable Resource:

Antony Brewerton

Oxford Brookes University Library Specialist


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