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Learning Through Laughter: New Study Supports Use Of Humor

Learning Through Laughter: New Study Supports Use Of Humor In Online Courses

How many times have you heard your little one begin to tell you a joke?

You tried to laugh and, yet, you were just stunned at the same time.

How do they come up with these jokes?


I found an article that discusses

humor and learning. I have not studied it in depth, however, I know,

from experience, that laughter does encourage children to learn.


After a series of knock knock jokes told on long car trips, I changed the

rules and guidelines. Instead of waiting for the evolution of knock-knock

jokes to take place, I taught my kids to use compound words in the

same scenario.


For example:


Who’s there?


Peanut, who?

Peanut Butter

And…then, everybody laughs.


Laughter seemed to be the applause.

You did a good job. The joke was funny.

Laughter is heard. The child feels like

he/she is famous. Everybody is happy now.


To make people laugh is priceless.

Laughter is pretty good medicine.


And, according to this article,

laughter, or at least humor, inspires


Sandy S Zoo

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