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Det Var Arbeidets Dag? Livet Leker Skriver-Norwegian

Det Var Arbeidets Dag? Livet Leker Skriver-Norwegian

Livet Leker is one of Norway’s Finest Bloggers.

You can find

quite easily. She is in the top ten bloggers


Livet=Life Leker=Plays

One of the interesting elements of Livet Leker’s

blog is that she is a mother, a wife, a teacher,

and a journalist; a blogger. She photographs

anything and everything in sight and spins a

very interesting tale. Always interesting, always

inspiring are the tales at Livet Leker.


My favorite part of

is that of a journal that she has edited and composed

of the travels of her father-in-law, a doctor at sea.

Now, it may be difficult to traverse the language

barrier on, however,

the trip across the Atlantic Ocean and over fjell

and across fjord is well worth it. The author

of writes english

beautifully. I would guess that she would be

able to answer questions in english and point

you in the right direction as you cross the

Atlantic Ocean and explore a world unknown

to many; the life and times of a teacher living

in Norway. Enjoy!


Please visit the following blog:

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Please join us next Wednesday, May 7th, 2008.

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Vennlig Hilsen

Sandy S Zoo

Det var arbeidets dag? « Livet leker

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