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Digg – Lipstick May Be an Economic Indicator

Digg – Lipstick May Be an Economic Indicator

I think that every good woman would put on

a brighter color of lipstick if it were cloudy outside.

It does brighten up my day when I put on a brighter

bolder shade of lipstick.


Therefore, it makes sense that during economic hard

times that people, usually women, are buying cheap

lipstick to brighten things up a bit.


I think that lipstick is light decorating the tree

and turning the lights on; it’s not really Christmas

until the tree lights are turned on.


Lipstick is like that; putting on lipstick OR turning

on the Christmas tree lights is like saying,

«The party is about to begin». And, the music

begins to play…..


The headlines, Lipstick May Be An Economic Indicator,

was sort of intriguing to me. I enjoyed the article.


Sandy S Zoo


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