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Teaching My Kids to

Teaching My Kids to

Top Ten ‘Teaching My Kids to Read’ List:

1. Watch a movie, but turn on the subtitles first; read them outloud.

2. Draw a picture story on a poster board; label the pictures.

3. Walk up and down Main Street; read all of the words you see.

4. Read Dr. Seuss over and over and over again. Then go to .

5. Go shopping with a five dollar bill. Guidelines: If you can read the label, I’ll buy it.

6. Go to

7. Label everything in the house; now read the labels with your kids.

8. Trace the ‘free toys’ from McDonald’s on a poster; name them-write the names.

9. Buy magnetic letters; put them on anything and everything that is metal.

10. Read one book per night for every year. For example: 1 yr old- 1 book.

Something my five year old taught me:

Place a ‘Notepad’ on your desktop.

Let your kids explore the keyboard.

Have them ‘dictate’ a poem; type it with them.

Supervision and interaction is necessary.

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