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To Do List: Learn How to Add Media

To Do List: Learn How to Add Media

I inserted these photos into this post by inserting one photo.

Then, I copied and pasted the original photos as shown below:

To start from the beginning, follow these instructions:

Log in [done]

Enter User Name and Password [done]

Click on Edit [done]

Click on Write Post [done]

Click on Add Media

Click on [One of Several Methods of Retrieving Photos]
From Your Computer

Browser Method
Flash Method
URL Method

Browser Method

Click on Choose Files to Upload

Click on [My Documents] or [Desktop]

Click on Browse

Click on the Location- where you store photos

Click on Image

Click on Open-Click O.K.

Click on Save as [Desktop]

Type in [Name of Photo]

Note: Do not save as the 12 digits/letters as shown

You will NEVER find this photo again

Rename the photo with a simple title

Click [Open]

The image title and the word CRUNCHING pops up

You can type in the URL

You can identify the file location
You can click on NONE

Click on [Insert into file]

Flash Method

Click on Add Media

[My Documents] or [My Photos] pops up

Click on the your choice of photos

Click on [Open]

Opens to your photo

You can either add a new title
You can add a new description or replace the other description
You can add the file location if you want to add it
You can click on None after the location where you type in the URL
You can also click on the size and location for the photo
You can click on the [Insert into file] button

Follow Instructions as provided

From URL

If you know the URL of the picture, type it in the box

If you want to describe the picture, type the description in the box

Follow Instructions as provided

As I have been typing and following the instructions, I have added pictures.

Here are the photos that I have uploaded into this post:


Sandy S Zoo

Should you need more assistance:

provides excellent tutorials.

I get some of my ideas from

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