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What’s So Cool About Aircraft Carriers?

What’s So Cool About Aircraft Carriers?

My preschool daughter and I watched ‘Carrier’ on PBS last night and

we were both spellbound. To live underneath a landing strip was the

first thing that caught our attention. The words used to describe

living on an aircraft carrier were not always pretty. The bleep feature

was activated quite frequently. However, as we watched the navy

personnel and the planes take off and land, we were pleasantly

surprised. The aircraft carrier is like a small community; population

5,001. The aircraft carrier was self-contained; it has a store, it

has offices, it has living quarters, it has bomb storage compartments.


Bomb storage compartments! How could you sleep at night knowing

that you were sleeping right next to powerful bombs, not far from

huge tanks of jet fuel, with dazzling jets landing and taking off

day and night, and… I can’t imagine it.


My favorite part was to watch the aircraft land and CATCH the

wire, pulling it to a complete stop.


Finally, we enjoyed watching the navy personnel walking around

in small groups with red jackets, blue jackets, yellow jackets,

brown jackets and so on. The huge gestures used to communicate

to each other were very interesting. One observer described it

as a aircraft carrier ballet. I’d have to agree. The choreography

on these ships is amazing. My favorite phrase is: simply amazing.

That describes it perfectly.


Sandy S Zoo


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