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Narcolepsy: Trick or Treat?

Narcolepsy: Trick or Treat?

One of those little Narcolepsy tricks that I can do is fall

asleep while blogging and I keep right on typing.

The language is a bit outlandish but, the concept is

there. Example: upasoispwejwkekjdpoafa0ew9eeeeeeeeeeee

It isn’t to the point where I’d be embarrassed by this

cute little trick because I stop short of pressing

the PUBLISH ME button.


In Narcoleptic patients, the line between sleep and awake

is blurred. During college, I spent a whole night half asleep,

slightly awake mostly asleep practicing my speech in Norwegian

about Henrik Ibsen’s Folkefiende- Enemy of the People.

I eally did. I dreamed about my speech all night long, and while I

really didn’t have much time

and energy to practice this speech this time; I did practice.

I got an A .


During college, I had a loud, obnoxious alarm because

it is hard to wake me up and get me going before I

fall asleep again. I remember when the alarm went

off, I incorporated the alarm in to my dreaming.

The alarm in my dream represented a fire alarm

and firetrucks were driving around in my dreams.

When there are meetings to go to and tests to

take, me driving around in my little firetruck

in my dreams is not/was not a good idea.


I am grateful that I did well in college despite having

Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea; undiagnosed and untreated.


Sandy S Zoo



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