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Life: It’s All About Family! Cross Point Church-Pete Wilson

Life: It’s All About Family!

family on beach on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I was sitting here tonight watching the big number

zero on my counter. I checked out what’s hot

on Blogsurfer. I browsed through

and and I was so tempted

to write up a story on these two websites, which are

interesting, but just lack a sense of integrity and family

values. [The URLs are not actual URLs. Close but not actual.]


Drum roll: Then I stumbled upon this website and I

looked at the photostream for Pete Wilson and his



Beautiful family. The thought of leading a church with

2,000 members just takes my breath away. I remember

being on staff at a large church. I will pray for you.


I think I will stick with my little family and catch glimpses

of your church at a distance. I belong to a mission

church with 50 members and under. I love it.

It is my family. My home away from home.


At A Distance,

Sandy S Zoo


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