Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 24, 2008

If I Had Just A Little Bit More Time And A Few More Dollars

If I Had Just A Little Bit More Time And A Few More Dollars

I have been looking for the perfect angel to place on the hillside by the homestead

of my great-grandparents. They came here from Voss, Norway.

Here begins my quest for an angel journal:

My Quest for the Perfect Angel


A little spendy, however, this Nativity Scene makes a bold statement:—garden-holiday-nativity.html


The next contestant in the quest for the perfect angel is:

Custom Metal Images by Russel Evans

Metal Silhouettes created by Russel Evans of Southern California are also inspiring.

Note that these creations are designed by an artist who has lost a great deal of

his eyesight due to a traffic accident.


A valuable theme woven into Cotton Candy Cloud,,

is that of overcoming the challenges of life and creating a sense of joy and hope

despite the challenges, the trials and tribulations, and the occasional accidents we

encounter in life. Live life living. Keep dreaming. Keep the faith.

Believe, believe, believe.


And, the search continues….

Sandy S Zoo

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