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God Makes No Mistakes – Kind of Sermon- Beautifully Stated

God makes no mistakes – kind of a sermon « The Stranger

As a person with a Sociology/Social Work Background, I am

compelled to study things that I do not understand. It is

part of my nature.


I also need my audience to know that even when I don’t

understand, my convictions are such that I strive to

‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’


I also believe that kindness is contagious and my

friends Michael, Chad and Kjell are a

testimony to that statement. They have shown

me far greater love and respect than I could ever

imagine. It isn’t about me- being the stereotypical

married woman with children. I am NOT better than

my homosexual friends in any way. It is that these

friends of mine have helped me:

To understand

To love

To accept

To question

To believe

To grow


These friends of mine face a challenge that can be

overwhelming. To live and love in a world that, at times,

is full of hate. And, I have a concern about how the world

is treating these friends of mine; friends who have loved

me unconditionally.


I pray for my friends daily as they are part of MY FAMILY

and I couldn’t imagine a day without them.


Thanks for sharing a little part of your world, Tarald.


Congratulations on the media coverage. I haven’t seen

the media clips but I will look for them and- I wish you well.

Sandy S Zoo


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